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Passive and Active Earning Money Online

The programs I am in fit two modes of earning money online.
The “passive” or “active” approach.

Take a program like Ad Ventures 4U, which currently offers
the highest referral commission of my “surfs”.

You have to admit…15% is high compared to the average
paid out by Admins today.

Back to “passive” and “active”…I can be totally passive and
make money with Ad Ventures 4U by purchasing “Ventures”
and wait to get paid from the 75% profit sharing pool every
Monday. Or…I can be active and build a downline by
promoting the programs’ referral link URL and get paid
referral commissions every Thursday.

Best of both worlds as far as I am concerned…I am showing
people a method of making money and getting rewarded
for it.

Let’s compare this to a nutritional company where you are
required to buy a product on autoship and then need to
recruit or you won’t make any commission and you need
to bring in a few people just to cover the cost of your monthly
purchase. It’s a whole different ball game with profit sharing
programs because you earn back what you purchase plus

Look at PremiumAdsClub..just by showing people the way
to make money online with this program I made over $50
referral commission in three weeks and I only joined it
a month or so ago. My referrals are happy because they
see their account funds building as well.


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